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University-business cooperation

Why have closer cooperation between universities and business?

Building closer links between business and academia can

  • encourage the exchange and sharing of knowledge about skills needs
  • create long-term partnerships and opportunities
  • drive innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity
  • help graduates to acquire the right skills and mindsets required on the job market, as well as for their own personal development

There are many examples of successful cooperation between academia and industry in Europe. However, the form and extent of this cooperation varies considerably between different countries, higher education institutions and academic disciplines. More information is available in the Commission study the state of university-business cooperation in Europe.

University-Business Forum

The University-Business Forum took place in Brussels every two years from 2008 to 2019. The Forum offered a platform for networking, the exchange of ideas and good practices by bringing together

  • higher education institutions
  • companies
  • business associations
  • public authorities
  • policymakers

At the forum, participants examined the current state of university-business cooperation and explored the policy initiatives and programmes required to support it. 

In 2022, the Forum was integrated into the first Education and Innovation Summit. It will become an integral part of this annual event and will continue to fulfil its primary mission of strengthening links between higher education and business.

Watch the panel discussion on university-business cooperation from the 2022 Education and Innovation Summit.