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European Education Area

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European Student Card Initiative

Straightforward and secure online administrative procedures and putting information at the fingertips of students are essential to boosting student mobility across Europe.

The European Student Card Initiative (ESCI) is crucial to promoting student participation in educational and cultural activities in line with the vision to create a European Education Area by 2025.

ESCI is composed of three building blocks

  • European Student Card - transforming current student cards into a European Student Card so students can benefit from  on- and off- campus services during their mobility
  • Erasmus+ App - a single app to help Erasmus students with all their practical administration – before, during and after their mobility programme
  • Erasmus Without Paper - a digital solution connecting systems in use at higher education institutions allowing to manage their Erasmus+ mobilities online

ESCI is a step forward in the transition towards a digital European society and a true European Education Area, in which spending time abroad to study and learn is the norm, and educational excellence is a reality for all.