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Digital education

The EU is promoting the development of a high-performing European digital education ecosystem and is seeking to enhance citizens’ competences and skills for the digital transition.

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Working Groups

Learn more about the work of European Education Area Strategic Framework Working Groups on digital education.

Digital education updates

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European Digital Education Hub

The Hub promotes reinforced cooperation and dialogue between stakeholders in the field of digital education. Discover the Digital Education Hub


This community of practice supports the updating of the reference Digital Competence Framework. Join the DigComp community

SELFIE community

Become a member of the SELFIE community on LinkedIn to collaborate with other users of the tool. Contribute to the SELFIE community

SELFIE for TEACHERS community

Join the DigCompEdu community of practice to discuss and interact with other educators about SELFIE for TEACHERS, its conceptual framework and related resources. Join the DigCompEdu community


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Digital Education Hackathon

DigiEduHack is an opportunity for anyone in the world to contribute to solving issues in digital education. Find out about the Digital Education Hackathon

EU Code Week

The EU Code Week is a grassroots initiative bringing coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun way. Discover what Code Week has to offer