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A tool to support learning in the digital age

SELFIE resources

Resources for school leaders, teachers, students, policy makers, national/regional educational authorities, and researchers.

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Step-by-step checklist


Guidance for using SELFIE

Contents of SELFIE: questionnaires and reports

Guidance for self-reflection and action

SELFIE Pedagogical Innovation Assistant Toolkit (SELFIE PTK)

A comprehensive package to help schools develop a SELFIE-based action plan for effective digital age learning. It provides step-by-step guidelines and templates for

  • preparing your SELFIE exercise, reviewing the results and setting priorities and goals
  • developing, implementing and evaluating a SELFIE-based action plan

Available languages: English, Greek, Italian, Finnish, Estonian, Portuguese

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Training course: Design your school digital plan

Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado (INTEF)

Self-paced open online course (SPOOC) designed to support teachers, school leaders and schools in developing their digital action plans.

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Digital action plan guide

"Plan Digital de Centro", designed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and vocational education and training (VET) to help schools in their digital transformation process by designing their digital action plans (in Spanish).

Download the digital action plan guide [pdf] (in Spanish)

Technical support

Technical support to set up and run SELFIE

Communication materials

Visuals and graphic material to use for communication.

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