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Learning Lab on Investing in Quality Education and Training

This Lab promotes the use of education policy evaluation practices in the EU. It helps improve evidence and identify ways to invest in education policies. These policies in turn will lead to better learning outcomes and equity.

The Learning Lab can

  • support policymakers and evaluators with knowledge, tools, methods and resources to make their public spending on education and training cost-effective
  • encourage an evidence-informed approach to policy design and implementation in education, bringing together the European Commission and the relevant authorities in the interested EU Member States
  • promote evaluation of education policies tailored to specific local, regional and national needs, and encourage their use in policymaking

How you can join

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice on Counterfactual Impact Evaluation of Education Policies (CoP-EP) aims at fostering collaboration between its members by sharing good practices, discussing common issues and learning from each other. Its focus is causal impact evaluation of education policies.

The Community will meet twice a year in Brussels (Belgium) or in another participating country interested host one of the meetings.


Policy makers or education practitioners in an EU Member State can also register for two types of activities: training and exchange of practices and customised technical support.

Tailored training courses and exchange of practices on education policy evaluation

  • get an in-depth overview of good practices on evaluating the impacts of education policies
  • learn how to use causal methodologies to inform the evaluation process, from the design to the choice of data, the analysis and the interpretation of results

The fundamentals of evaluation practice are taught by using examples of education policy evaluations as well as interactive sessions. These provide a wide array of reference learning material.

You can choose from two kinds of training courses.

General online training courses and exchanges of practices

The second course takes place on 18-19 September 2023.

Country-specific training courses

These face-to-face courses are tailored to specific contexts and needs of the interested EU Member State.

Customised technical support on policy evaluation

The Learning Lab offers customised support on education policy impact evaluation for local, regional, and national authorities.

You can get help to understand and put all the steps of an evaluation process in place.

With this support, the Learning Lab accompanies policymakers throughout the different phases of the evaluation process.

Support includes help on

  • the evaluation design phase
  • data preparation
  • choosing suitable evaluation methods
  • methodological support in carrying out the analysis for the impact evaluation
  • how to communicate the results effectively and consistently

The Learning Lab can also conduct the evaluation of an education policy in all its phases, from the design to data collection to carrying out the quantitative analysis, in close collaboration with the interested Member State.

Horizon Europe calls on education policy evaluation

The following dedicated calls under the Horizon Europe work programme 2023-2024 will support education policy evaluation:

See all Horizon Europe calls on education policy evaluation

Contact and more information

In case you have any questions, write to us at:

You can also get the factsheet to see what the Learning Lab offers for you.