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European Education Area

Quality education and training for all

School education

The EU works with its Member States to support the development of quality national school education systems and promote collaboration on issues of shared concern.

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What is the EU doing on school education?

Erasmus+ Teacher Academies

The Academies will establish European partnerships of teacher education and training providers to develop an international outlook to teacher education.

Key competences

The European Commission works with EU Member States to support and reinforce the development of key competences and basic skills for all.

Early school leaving

The Commission is working with Member States to implement comprehensive strategies to prevent early school leaving.

Quality assurance

Building strong quality assurance systems is key to providing high-quality education for all.

Multilingual classrooms

Schools need to adapt their teaching methods to engage with children's linguistic and cultural backgrounds and to enable all students to thrive.

Well-being at school

Addressing the well-being of pupils, social and emotional competencies, mental health, bullying and violence at school.

Focus areas

Blended learning

Supporting high-quality and inclusive education through a range of on and off-site, digital and offline teaching approaches.

Green education

The European Union is encouraging the education and training sector to take action to contribute to the green transition and to strengthen the sustainability competences of all learners.

Working Groups

Learn more about the work of European Education Area Strategic Framework Working Groups on school education.

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European School Education Platform

The platform is the meeting point for all stakeholders in the school education sector – school staff, researchers, policymakers – to find news, interviews, publications, practice examples, courses and partners for their Erasmus+ projects. It is also the home of eTwinning, a space for teachers and school staff to collaborate and develop projects.

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A tool for teachers to learn about and further develop their digital competence. Explore SELFIE for TEACHERS

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