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SELFIE questionnaires

Find all SELFIE core and optional questions below. You can select the language in which you want to download the PDF file.

Questionnaires for lower and upper secondary schools are identical, as are questions for upper-secondary vocational and adult schools.

The SELFIE questionnaires are under Creative Commons license.

Available languages (39)

SELFIE Questionnaires_EN

SELFIE Questionnaires_BG

SELFIE Questionnaires_HR

SELFIE Questionnaires_CS

SELFIE Questionnaires_DA

SELFIE Questionnaires_NL

SELFIE Questionnaires_ET

SELFIE Questionnaires_FI

SELFIE Questionnaires_FR

SELFIE Questionnaires_DE

SELFIE Questionnaires_EL

SELFIE Questionnaires_HU

SELFIE Questionnaires_GA

SELFIE Questionnaires_IT

SELFIE Questionnaires_LV

SELFIE Questionnaires_LT

SELFIE Questionnaires_MT

SELFIE Questionnaires_PL

SELFIE Questionnaires_PT

SELFIE Questionnaires_RO

SELFIE Questionnaires_SK

SELFIE Questionnaires_SL

SELFIE Questionnaires_ES

SELFIE Questionnaires_SV

SELFIE Questionnaires_EU

SELFIE Questionnaires_CA

SELFIE Questionnaires_GA

SELFIE Questionnaires_CA-VAL

SELFIE Questionnaires_SQ

SELFIE Questionnaires_AZ

SELFIE Questionnaires_BS

SELFIE Questionnaires_KA

SELFIE Questionnaires_IS

SELFIE Questionnaires_MK

SELFIE Questionnaires_SR-ME

SELFIE Questionnaires_RU

SELFIE Questionnaires_SR

SELFIE Questionnaires_TR

SELFIE Questionnaires_UK