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Paskelbta:  31 Jul 2023

Insights from webinars on digital changemakers in education

During July 2023, the European Digital Education Hub organised 2 webinars focused on digital changemakers in education. During the webinars, participants focused on digital transformation of education while exchanging shared experiences and best practices. Read below more about the key insights and upcoming publications.

Group of participants discussing during a Hub workshop in Bucharest

Digital changemakers are individuals, organisations or initiatives which use digital tools and technologies to create positive social impact. In the field of education, they use their expertise to ensure inclusive and personalised learning experiences for students, while supporting educators in developing the necessary digital skills. To achieve an overall enhanced teaching and learning experience, they often blend traditional classroom instructions with:

  • use of devices
  • educational software
  • learning management systems
  • emerging technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

Insights from webinars

Digital changemakers: how to thrive in the age of digital transformation in the education system

During the webinar, guest experts presented holistic approaches to digital transformation in educational institutions. Together with participants, they explored how to encourage students, employees and leaders to become digital changemakers, and identified key future skills and best training practices to achieve this goal.

The digital changemakers: programmes, initiatives and case studies

The webinar was moderated by Educraftor, the team in charge of the Hub's Accelerator programme. They presented case studies, including innovation initiatives developed through the programme. The discussion topics focused on better understanding EdTech (educational technology) and identifying the necessary steps to transform a grassroots idea into a working solution applicable in digital education.

Find the webinars' agendas, presentations and more information about the speakers in the Knowledge Building channel (access available to Hub members only).

Reading corner

The “Reading Corner” is one of the Hub's channels that provides curated information about the latest research in digital education, best practices collected from the community, research papers on cutting edge issues and “digital bytes” on the monthly themes.

During August 2023, Hub members will produce new publications and best practices on digital changemakers, innovative teaching through digital technologies or digital assessment.

Find out more in the Hub's Reading Corner (access available to Hub members only).

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Paskelbta:  31 Jul 2023