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Публикувано:  13 Apr 2022

Policy guidance on supporting the inclusion of Ukrainian refugees in education

The European Commission has provided policy guidance for EU Member States outlining key principles and practices supporting the inclusion of Ukrainian refugee children, young people and educators in schools, based on previous experience.

The guidance document presents suggestions to Member States for a comprehensive policy approach to the integration of Ukrainian refugees in European Union (EU) education systems across seven areas

  • reception and admission
  • the preparation of education institutions and staff to integrate refugee children
  • preparing education systems to integrate Ukrainian teachers and early childhood education and care staff
  • targeted activities facilitating the inclusion of refugee children in education
  • outreach to refugee families and communities
  • long-term measures promoting inclusive education
  • measures pertinent to early childhood education and care, such as the provision of information and financial support for access

This policy guidance is a living document and will be enriched by further practical examples as the situation evolves.

This paper was authored by the European Commission in consultation with the EU Education Solidarity Group for Ukraine (EEA Working Groups on Schools and ECEC)

For more information and enquiries, please contact EAC-WG-ON-SCHOOLS (at) by email.


Публикувано:  13 Apr 2022