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Data publikacji:  25 Oct 2023

Navigating European public transport as an international student

Europe has a diverse and extensive public transport system, from trains and trams to buses and metros. It is often the best, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way of getting around.

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Here are some tips to help you get around in European public transport systems:

Before Arrival

  • Understand the basic transport system in your destination country. Find out about the most convenient and preferred means of transport, the main routes and how the ticketing system works.
  • Download apps that give you different public transport options and time-saving tips. Many countries and cities have their own public transport apps.
  • Check beforehand the location of the airport, your residence and your university. Knowing the main routes for how to get from the airport to where you're staying and then to your university will ease some potentially stressful first days.

After arrival

  • Most countries offer free or reduced fares for students. To take advantage of this, make sure you have a proof of your student status, either through a local student card or the international student card.
  • Buy a public transport card for students and find out about your ticketing options, such as single or multiple tickets and rechargeable cards.
  • Public transit can initially be confusing, so ask for help if needed. If travelling to an unknown destination for the first time, confirm with a local or someone in charge that you have the right ticket and are going in the right direction.

Europe’s extensive public transport network allows you to explore both individual countries and journey seamlessly across borders throughout the EU. Enjoy travelling around like a local and immerse yourself in diverse European cultures

Data publikacji:  25 Oct 2023