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Data publikacji:  23 Aug 2022

Launch of the SELFIE for TEACHERS expert network

A network of experts is up and running to promote SELFIE for TEACHERS across Europe and examine how the tool is used by individual teachers and institutions, in different contexts and educational settings.

SELFIE for TEACHERS was launched in October 2021 and currently has over 46,000 registered users. The tool is available to individual teachers, but organisations such as schools, regional/local educational authorities and training centres can access anonymised results. These enable them to plan teacher training and allocate appropriate resources.

Now an expert group is up and running to explore the tool’s current usage and to provide support to teachers and institutions to build their digital competence. The group is made up of teachers, teacher educators and trainers, policymakers and researchers from different member states of the European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

The group was formed following an invitation to a workshop in Seville, June 2022, by the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Directorate-General for education, youth, sport and culture (DG EAC) who run SELFIE for TEACHERS together.

The workshop’s main objective was to establish links and synergies within the network and to implement and observe various SELFIE for TEACHERS ‘use cases’. A ‘use case’ is a general description of the tool’s implementation in a certain context, taking into consideration a wide range of factors. These include

  • user experience
  • school infrastructure
  • institutional support
  • school leadership
  • user characteristics

When implementing use cases, the group will explore key factors identified from existing research such as

  • teacher motivation
  • data management
  • digital credentials
  • collaborative learning

Next steps

The expected output of the group is a report with implemented scenarios of various use cases of the tool, as well as good practices for educational authorities, policymakers, trainers, school principals and individual teachers, illustrating how the tool can boost teachers’ digital competence.

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Data publikacji:  23 Aug 2022