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Data publikacji:  18 Jul 2023

Bringing your pet to Europe as an international student

Planning to move for studies to an EU country and bringing your furry friend along? Whether you own a dog, cat, or ferret, the EU has rules in place to make it easy for you to bring your pet along, even from a non-EU country. Follow these steps for a hassle-free experience.

Microchip and vaccinations

Your pet must be microchipped. Also, the rabies vaccination is mandatory. If your destination is Finland, Ireland, Malta, Norway, or Northern Ireland, your pet will also need a tapeworm treatment. After the rabies vaccination, you'll need to wait for 21 days before your pet can travel.

Pet passport

To travel between EU countries, your pet needs to have a European pet passport. The pet passport includes all the necessary details about your pet, including its microchip or tattoo code as well as its rabies vaccination record.

EU animal health certificate

If you're travelling from a non-EU country, your pet must have an EU animal health certificate, issued by an official state vet in your home country. This should be acquired no more than 10 days before your pet arrives in the EU. You also need to complete a written declaration stating that its relocation is for non-commercial reasons.

Travel arrangements

Pets can travel in the cabin, the hold, or as cargo, depending on the policy of the transport company. Make sure to contact the company you’ll be travelling with to understand their procedures.

Pet accommodation

Some student accommodations may not allow pets, so it's important to confirm this before you move.

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Data publikacji:  18 Jul 2023