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Webinar: AI integration in education - critical reflections and future directions

Experts in inclusion and artificial intelligence (AI) will share their experience, practical knowledge and useful resources about implementing AI tools in education in an inclusive way.

About the webinar

Guest experts and participants will delve into the integration of AI in education, focusing on critical reflections and envisioning future directions in different sectors of education. The discussions will consider the transformative potential of AI and the challenges it presents.

The goalof the webinar is to contribute to a European-level conversation on relevant competences and future skills for a world shaped by AI. The webinar will also look at AI literacy and critical thinking.

This knowledge building activity is organised by the European Digital Education Hub.


 The session will be moderated by Ulf-Daniel Ehlers.

Guiding questions

Future Skills

  • What are the essential skills and competences educators and students need for an AI-driven world?

Critical Reflections

  • How can we address the challenges and opportunities that AI presents for future educational strategies?

AI Implementation

  • Which educational settings is AI offering? What are the key insights to its implementation?

Who can join

  • researchers
  • practitioners
  • students
  • members of the European Digital Education Hub community

Practical information

The event will take place on 17 June at 15.00 - 16.15 CET.

How to join

You need to be a registered member of the European Digital Education Hub to access the session. If you haven’t signed up yet, it is easy and completely for free! Hub membership will be granted within 5 working days.

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