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Study in Europe

Getting you ready to plan and complete higher education studies in Europe

Planning your studies

Studying in Europe is an exciting journey, but there are a few things you need to arrange well in advance.

Find out about what you need to do to get ready for and enjoy your European study experience to the fullest.

Higher education in Europe

You’ll probably want to start by finding out more about how higher education in Europe works. Discover the fields of study and qualifications on offer, and essential information like entry requirements, application deadlines and start dates.

Explore higher education in Europe

European country profiles

The country profiles gather information arranged by European country to help you to choose the destination, university and programme of study best suited to your academic, personal and professional needs.

Learn more about the higher education system, study and research opportunities, including funding and scholarship information, how to prepare your study experience, and how to arrange working during and after your studies in 33 European countries.

Browse the Study in Europe country profiles

Scholarships and funding

Find out about how much it costs to study in European countries and how to finance it. This section presents information on student fees, higher education funding and loans.

Explore how to finance studies in Europe

Visas and permits

Students are often required to apply for a student visa (or a temporary resident visa for students). Find out about immigration procedures and how to apply for a visa on the EU immigration portal.

Get insured

Make sure you are properly insured before you start your studies in Europe. For some countries, health insurance is obligatory for degree students. This means that if you stay for a full degree, you have to insure yourself locally. Check the information from the national information portals (in the country profiles section) to see if this applies in your country of choice.

Liability and household insurances might also be advisable, depending on the local context. Liability insurance is important because accidents may happen and may end up being costly if you are not properly insured. Household insurance is to cover the costs of potential damages to your accommodation and personal items. This type of insurance often has strict prerequisites, so check all details carefully.

Find out more about insurance in your country of choice

Look for accommodation

Check our information on housing before starting your search for accommodation.

Stay tuned for the latest updates

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You can also follow the social media channels of the national information portal of your study destination. Find these social media channels in the country profiles section.