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Gepubliceerd op:  25 May 2023

Call for participants: working group on sustainability in digital education and training

The European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) is announcing a call for participation for an online working group (squad) which will be active September 2023-January 2024. Education professionals from all sectors can apply before 27 June 2023.

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Theme: Sustainability

The squad’s activity will focus on the role of online education in the green transition, in the context of the 2022 Council Recommendation on learning for the green transition and sustainable development.

The recommendation names key actors in the education sector who can empower learners to become responsible global citizens in a more sustainable world. These key actors include schools, higher education institutions, training institutions and learning and development teams.

Squad participants will work together to answer questions such as:

  • what are the challenges education key actors face in adjusting to the sustainability changes needed in digital education?
  • how do they actively address the ambivalence that comes with “technology consumption”?

Profile of participants

Successful participants 

  • have a demonstrated knowledge on the broader topic of sustainability and digital education
  • understand the issues related to sustainability and the use of technologies for learning, teaching, and training
  • can demonstrate their insights with examples when applying

Professionals from all relevant fields are welcome, including all education sectors, policymaking, workplace learning and training, education technology (EdTech) and the private sector.

Practical details

The squad is limited to 20 participants.

You will share responsibilities for goals and tasks and will be asked to commit to a workload of 1 or 2 hours per week (including time for bi-weekly squad calls). Cross-sectoral collaboration is an integral part of all hub activities.

The squad will collaborate between September 2023 and January 2024 within the EDEH Microsoft Teams environment. Squad outputs will contribute to the development of sustainable practices, policies, and technologies in digital education and promote a more inclusive, accessible, and environmentally responsible educational landscape. Its findings (such as a vision paper, policy recommendations, podcasts, a toolkit) will be distributed across the EDEH community, consisting of more than 2700 members in the field of digital education, and be shared with European Commission experts.

By applying for the sustainability squad, you will be able to bring your personal and/or your organisation's unique knowledge and perspective to the table in an international setting.

Please note that you need to work in an Erasmus+ programme country in order to apply.

How to apply

Applications are open until 27 June 2023.

Squad members need to first be registered members of the European Digital Education Hub. The membership will be granted within 5 working days.

Gepubliceerd op:  25 May 2023