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Paskelbta:  5 Dec 2022

A new toolkit for users of SELFIE for TEACHERS

SELFIE for TEACHERS recently celebrated its first birthday. Now, old and new users can benefit from a newly released toolkit guiding them through the tool.


SELFIE for TEACHERS is growing in popularity. The newly published toolkit aims to give readers an overall understanding of the tool, providing them with general guidelines and step-by-step instructions, as well as additional tips, links and references.

The toolkit will support

  • individual teachers who want to improve their digital skills
  • colleagues planning professional learning activities together
  • school leaders
  • teacher educators and trainers
  • education authorities
  • researchers

Four main sections

The first section of the toolkit introduces the idea behind the self-reflection tool, provides the relevant policy context and explains some of the key terms. It clarifies that the tool encourages teachers to act as reflective practitioners, who are responsible for their own professional learning.

The second section describes the tool’s key elements and outlines its links with the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu).

The third section is a step-by-step guide for individual and group users on how to use SELFIE for TEACHERS, from choosing the language version and setting up one’s profile to viewing and downloading feedback reports.

The last section gives concrete examples of use cases, making it possible to link the tool to a concrete situation at a school or training centre.

Users can consult each section independently.


Paskelbta:  5 Dec 2022