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Objavljeno :  18 Nov 2022

Building the European Education Area: Progress report published

The European Commission adopted on 18 November the report on progress to achieve the European Education Area by 2025 – an area where barriers to learning are gone and everyone has better access to quality education. The report looks at the ongoing work and progress towards EU-level targets.

The report looks at actions such as:

  • strategic policy initiatives across all education sectors
  • EU-funded projects such as Teacher Academies, the Education for Climate Coalition or Centres of Vocational Excellence
  • expert groups on issues such as disinformation or quality investment
  • measures to make the Erasmus+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps more inclusive

These actions are reinforcing the initiatives taken by Member States, thanks to a common commitment to the European Education Area.

The report also acknowledges the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, and the welcoming of refugee learners and teachers following the Russian war against Ukraine. It shows how joint national and EU commitment has helped respond to these challenges swiftly and effectively.

European Education Area Progress Report

Education and Training Monitor 2022

The European Commission published the Education and Training Monitor 2022 on the same day, as an integral part of the European Education Area initiative. Both its comparative report and the 27 in-depth country reports indicate that early trends toward several EU-level targets are positive.

Early school leaving is declining, tertiary educational attainment and participation in early childhood education and care are on the rise.

At the same time, warning signs appear, calling for systemic longer-term efforts to improve equity in education and tackle teacher shortages. New EU-level indicators in both domains will help drive the policy debate.

What’s next?

The Commission will dedicate 2023 to a mid-term review process, to draw lessons and build momentum for the period up to 2025, when it will publish a full report on the achievements of the European Education Area.

Objavljeno :  18 Nov 2022