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Digital Education Action Plan – Action 5

Digital transformation plans for education and training institutions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of education and training institutions across the European Union (EU) and beyond had to rapidly switch to online and distance teaching.  

Many struggled with the challenges of remote learning, which required the development and application of new skills, tools, resources and pedagogical approaches. 

To effectively benefit from lessons learned during this period, including how to use digital technologies to enhance the quality and inclusivity of education and training, requires ongoing planning and monitoring, support, resources and guidance. 


The Erasmus+ programme provides funding for cooperation projects that support the digital transformation planning of education and training institutions, including primary and secondary schools, vocational education and training (VET), higher education and adult learning institutions.

The Erasmus+ Teacher Academies are being established to further support the creation and application of digital pedagogies and of expertise in the use of digital tools for teachers, including accessible and assistive technologies.

A new online self-reflection tool, SELFIE for Teachers, based on the European Framework for the Digital Competence for Educators, was also launched in autumn 2021. This tool will assist teachers in identifying strengths and gaps in their digital competences and to plan further training. 

Key activities  

  • support the digital transformation plans of education and training institutions through Erasmus+ cooperation projects
  • establish the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies to support collaboration and provide professional development opportunities for teachers and cooperation between teacher and educators
  • launch the SELFIE for Teachers online self-assessment tool to help (teams of) teachers collaboratively identify strengths and gaps in their digital competences.

Expected results

  • enhanced digital capacity for education and training institutions
  • the provision of professional development opportunities for teachers and trainers
  • support for teachers to identifying strengths and gaps in their digital skills


Erasmus+ cooperation projects 

Funding opportunities for Erasmus+ cooperation projects focusing on digital planning in the fields of school education, VET, adult learning and higher education are available as part of the Erasmus+ general call (under Key Action 2).

The funding will be made available annually under the Erasmus+ annual general call until 2027.

Check the Erasmus+ programme guide for more information.

Erasmus+ Teacher Academies 

Erasmus+ Teacher Academies seek to create European partnerships and promote cooperation between teacher education institutions and training providers. Academies are set up to embrace multilingualism, language awareness and cultural diversity.

They aim to improve the support for teachers in the early years of the profession and strengthen continuous professional development throughout their careers.

The details of this call are presented in the 2022 Erasmus+ programme guide

Further information can be found in the European Education and Culture Agency website and the Funding and Tender opportunities Portal.

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