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How collaboration can strengthen promoting innovation competencies in higher education

Webinar participants will examine the role higher education in reskilling and upskilling to support the dissemination of digital and green innovation competencies.

9 April 2024

About the webinar

During the webinar, international policy makers and practitioners will discuss how to strengthen the collaboration between higher education institutions and relevant stakeholders for the development of competencies related to  digital and green innovation.

Participants will also delve into how public policy can support these efforts within the EU and OECD countries.

This webinar will focus on three policy topics highlighting their practical applications:

  • setting sectoral directions
  • encouraging industry engagement
  • establishing support for students in training programmes

Practical information

The online webinar will take place on Tuesday 9 April at 14.30 - 16.15 CET.

Registrations are currently open and will run up until and including 9 April.

Who can participate

The webinar is open to those interested in developing talent for innovation in higher education. This includes:

  • education policy makers
  • practitioners
  • academics
  • school teachers
  • school directors
  • students
  • business/industry/private sector

About the organisers

The webinar is organised by the European Commission in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

It is connected to the Education and Innovation Practice Community (EIPC), an initiative of the New European Innovation Agenda (flagship 4).