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Zveřejněno:  3 Jun 2024

HubHubHooray: 2-year anniversary of the European Digital Education Hub

June 2024 marks the second anniversary of the European Digital Education Hub, and with over 4,500 members, we've got a lot to celebrate! Read what we’ve achieved together so far, and hop on board in 2024. It's going to be hub-tastic!

The European community of practice for digital education

Running since June 2022, the Hub is a collaborative online community that brings together education enthusiasts from across the EU and beyond. The mission of the Hub is to offer its members a place where they can  

  • share best practices
  • experience peer learning
  • collaborate across education and training sectors

Seeing the vibrant Hub community engage and exchange ideas was truly rewarding. I eagerly look forward to contributing more in the next year!

Evelien Renders, SURF, The Netherlands


Accelerator programme

The Hub’s Accelerator programme gives the opportunity to budding solutions in the field of digital education to develop their ideas and test them in real environments. By 2024, 13 teams from seven EU countries had received 6 months of close support from different experts.  

Check out the teams selected for 2024

Mentorship and advice

Since 2022, tailor-made support was offered to Hub members in the form of six online clinics and 31 individual mentorships. Participants appreciated the many opportunities that were offered to meet with experts in the field.

Find out more about mentorship and advice and apply for your personalised sessions with experts.


The Hub offers monthly opportunities for members to expand their knowledge in digital education. More than 60 webinars have been organised since 2022, reaching more than 1 300 participants. The events covered today’s most critical topics in the field including AI, micro-credentials, the digital gender gap, digital assessment, MOOCs and many more. Don’t miss out on the next webinar by staying tuned in the “Knowledge building” (Teams link) channel of the Hub.

Read more about knowledge building webinars

Workshops and working groups

Since the beginning of the Hub, more than 250 Hub members have come together in person at the various workshops in different European cities. Participants discussed with experts in the field about topics such as

  • Micro-credentials
  • Artificial intelligence in education
  • Digital skills
  • Interoperability

Moreover, 10 dedicated working groups (the so-called Hub “squads”) have collaborated to create top-notch outputs on the hot topics of digital education such as the Digital skills playbook for educators.

In the monthly “Collaborative inquiry” days (formerly Teachers as Researchers weeks), more than 1 000 participants investigated their digital education challenges as peers. Join the next sessions coming up on 12-14 June 2024.

It is very motivating for me to be part of global community that is so active in my main field of interest, where every question you make has a lot of useful feedback.

Francisco Bellas, University of A Coruña, Spain

Reading corner

In the Hub’s Reading corner, registered members can browse through digital education resources specifically catered for the Hub. Since 2022, more than 90 research-based papers, best practices and articles have been published – new ones are coming every week!

Join the community

Interested to participate in these activities? Then register to the European Digital Education Hub completely for free.

Throughout the month of June 2024, the Hub will organise different activities to celebrate its second anniversary. Join the cake challenge, test your knowledge on digital education and share your highlights on X using the hashtag #HubHubHooray.

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Zveřejněno:  3 Jun 2024