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Data publicării:  17 Nov 2022

European Digital Education Hub: grow your digital expertise with “microlearning”

The European Digital Education Hub, a lively community with over 1,100 members from 90 countries, is offering a series of “microlearning” activities in more than 15 Teams channels, ranging from “Sharing is caring” to “Knowledge building”.

Knowledge building

Microlearning focuses on relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities.

As a member of the community, you can get involved in a broad range of microlearning activities such as

  • Workshops and webinars – interactive sessions focusing on specific digital education topics moderated by education and training experts
  • Mentoring – a programme run over a few months to help you implement digital education practice
  • Online ‘clinic’ weeks – a meeting slot with a digital education expert to provide quick solutions to your individual digital education challenge
  • Design thinking – the opportunity to develop new ways of creating ideas and supporting a new mindset for teaching and learning
  • Accelerator – a support programme for scaling up your innovative digital education solutions
  • Self-paced learning – online content to build your knowledge on a specific digital education topic

Sharing is caring

The European Digital Education Hub is the right place for you to

  • share a digital project you are working on
  • share awareness on digital education with the other members
  • join online clinics
  • join a mentoring programme
  • share a digital fact members you were not aware of
  • build a library of digital good reads

All members are encouraged to contribute by sharing

  • their experiences on best practices in digital education across all educational sectors
  • useful resources
  • lessons learned

This way, the community can enrich the international debate with real-life experiences, support a constructive debate and jointly shape the future of digital education.

Join the community today

If you would like to contribute, the European Digital Education is the right place to do so.

Join the Hub today and start a new conversation. Let's build the community together!

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Data publicării:  17 Nov 2022