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Workshops and working groups

The European Digital Education Hub hosts face-to-face community workshops three times a year in various European cities. These events are a unique platform for community members to connect, share ideas, acquire new skills and methodologies, and collaboratively work on projects.

The members of the Hub also have the possibility to join working groups (squads).


Community workshops

The Hub organises workshops 3 times per year. Each workshop gathers 30 participants with diverse professional backgrounds and from around Europe. Together with experts in the field, they spend 2 days discussing current topics that impact digital education.

In 2023, workshop topics included

  • digital skills
  • artificial intelligence
  • micro-credentials
  • digital education in times of crises

These discussions aim to address current challenges, share best practices, and explore innovative solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of digital education.

Design thinking workshops

Two-day design thinking workshops are run every November. They create innovative ideas, educational frameworks, tools, methodologies, or solutions supporting a new mindset to teaching and learning.

Collaborative inquiry sessions

Each month, the European Digital Education Hub organises a seriesof online activities for all education professionals, including:

  • teachers
  • trainers
  • school staff

These activities follow principles of the methodology known as collaborative inquiry.

Working groups

Short-term working groups

The Digital Education Hub sets up online working groups (or “squads”) on current topics in the field.

The working groups focus on digital education topics such as

  • lessons from COVID-19
  • digital education in times of crisis
  • interoperability
  • micro-credentials
  • AI in education
  • digital skills
  • sustainability and digital education
  • diversity, equity and inclusion

Each working groups consist of about 20 participants, led by an expert in the field. They are active for a duration of up to 6 months with regular meetings in the dedicated Microsoft Teams channels of the Hub.

Solutions developed by the working groups can include

  • policy recommendations
  • guidelines
  • learning materials
  • courses

Who can join

Educators, trainers, and professionals from all educational backgrounds and sectors are invited to apply. Applicants should be working in the realm of digital education with a keen interest on the specific topic of the working group. Participants need to demonstrate successful interventions or strategies in the field. They are encouraged to promote the working group’s findings within their professional circles.

All participants should commit a minimum of one hour weekly to the working group’s initiatives, although further engagement is highly appreciated.

Long-term: Higher Education Interoperability working group

There is also a dedicated working group on Higher Education Interoperability.