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Published:  20 Sep 2023

Meet the team behind AI-La, an interactive lesson creator tool

Interview with Kari Savolainen, the CEO of Reactored. This article series introduces the teams and their solutions from the Digital Education Accelerator 2023 edition.

Kari Savolainen, Jaakko Vartiainen and Niklas Nikanti of Reactored

AI-La is an AI powered language lesson creator tool for language teachers. It enables teachers to create interactive digital learning materials effortlessly while saving both their time and energy. The tool offers a variety of different task tools and can be used in any language. The tool is easy to use, and the teachers can create their own materials or use editable lesson templates that are available in 10 languages.

Meet Kari Savolainen

Kari is a CEO and co-founder of the Reactored language learning platform. Kari has a BBA in marketing and international sales and his main focus in Reactored is customer satisfaction and business development. He is also working in the Edtech Finland association to make sure that all the newcomers in the field have the best opportunities and knowledge to start their own businesses.

Who is your team?

Kari Savolainen: Our core team consists of 4 people:

  • Kari Savolainen, CEO, founder, sales, public spokesman
  • Jaakko Vartiainen, Co-founder and head of development
  • Niklas Nikanti, Fullstack developer

We also have 4 language teachers who are currently creating materials.

What are the biggest challenges in digital education?

Kari: Different cultures are on very different levels when it comes to digital education which makes it difficult to scale the digital education solutions globally. Teachers also very often have pride in traditional teaching, and they are not always willing to change easily. Moreover, digital solutions or tools often cover only one area of teaching and teachers need several solutions to cover all aspects of the curriculum. Many times, these tools are just digitised ways of implementing teaching but they lack interaction and gamification aspects.

How does your solution aim at fixing the challenges?

Kari: We want to deliver equal learning opportunities for all learners regardless of their location. With AI-La, teachers can easily share their expertise through the content they create for others to use as well. The solution is also very easy to use so there is a low barrier to start using it even with lower technical skills. The solutions that AI-La offers for language teachers also makes their job easier and more efficient as they do not need to create all materials from scratch by themselves, and with the solution alone they can meet all curricular requirements.

How can the Accelerator Programme support you?

Kari: To scale internationally, we would need support on how to enter different countries and markets. We would need a mentor who understands the educational sector and could help us up-scale. We would also need support to localise our solution in different languages and countries.

What are the next steps for your team?

Kari: We finished the beta version of our solution during the summer and now we are looking for language teacher groups to join our beta testing groups to test our solution and to develop AI-La further. I think the first months of testing will help us perfect the prompt engineering also for the new languages we added into the solution.

Keen to join?

You can follow the teams’ journey in the programme as the next team and solution will be introduced on 4 October. If you’re interested in joining the Accelerator Programme, make sure to apply to the next edition in spring 2024.

Published:  20 Sep 2023