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Published:  8 Oct 2021

Remembering our SELFIE colleague Jim Devine

Jim Devine

Jim Devine was part of the team which designed and tested the SELFIE tool, passed away some days ago.

We had the honour and pleasure to work with Jim Devine on a number of European Commission projects in education. Jim was one of the main authors of the European Framework for Digitally-Competent Educational Organisations.

He was part of the team which designed and tested the SELFIE tool to support schools with technology use.

A few years back he wrote up the story of SELFIE and how we went from a conceptual framework to a practical tool which has now been used by 1.8  million teachers and students around the world. Jim was a great professional, always providing us with creative ideas and sharp, insightful comments.

He was also a fantastic person, a gentleman, calm and with a wonderful sense of humour. He was our mentor, our critical friend, and we will miss him a lot.

  • Deirdre Hodson, European Commission DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, schools policy team
  • Pan Kampylis, Italian National Research Council - Institute for Educational Technology, former project manager for SELFIE, European Commission Joint Research centre
  • Yves Punie, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Deputy Head of Unit and head of digital education and digital skills research
Published:  8 Oct 2021