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Published:  22 Sep 2022

2022 European Innovative Teaching Award: 98 winning projects announced

The Commission awards 98 projects with the 2022 European Innovative Teaching Award.


This year’s edition of the European Innovative Teaching Award is themed ‘Learning together, promoting creativity and sustainability’. This theme incorporates three sub-topics – ‘creativity’ (47 winning projects), ‘inclusion’ (22 projects) and ‘sustainability’ (29 projects).

The theme connects the Innovative Teaching Award to the Commission’s New European Bauhaus initiative, which invites us to creatively link living spaces with sustainability and inclusion.

Projects from 29 EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme were awarded in 4 categories

About the European Innovative Teaching Award

Teachers, trainers and school leaders provide pupils, students and adult learners with the knowledge and competences they need to live a happy life.

Yet, education professionals are undervalued in today’s society – their work must be revalorised.

The European Commission launched the European Innovative Teaching Award in 2021, around the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic for the European education community.

Through this award, we want to celebrate the achievements of teachers and schools at all levels –early childhood education and care, primary and secondary education, and vocational education and training. Award winners represent inspiring examples for others, highlighting outstanding teaching practices.

The Erasmus+ National Agencies are responsible for the selection of winning projects through either a direct selection of awardees, short-listing of potential awardees or by publishing an open call. 

Discover this year's winners

Published:  22 Sep 2022