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Accelerator programme: unlocking innovation in digital education

Each year, the Accelerator programme identifies and scales up maximum 12 prototypes from across Europe that advance digital development and transformation of the education sector.
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The selected prototypes embark on a 6-month intensive training that includes mentorship, field testing and the opportunity to showcase their results to the community of the Digital Education Hub.

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Selection process

Teams need to consist of at least 2 members. Applicants can be:

  • educators
  • researchers
  • developers
  • start-ups
  • EdTech (education technology) providers
  • other innovators

The selection committee assesses prototype based on their

  • Innovativeness
  • Creativity
  • Educational value
  • Team composition
  • Level of technology readiness (solutions need to be advanced enough to be supported and, after a couple of months, tested in the field)
  • Motivation and interest in the programme

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Intensive online coaching and mentorship

The selected teams follow intensive online coaching sessions 3 times a week. This structured approach includes regular check-ins and workshops. The goal is to provide comprehensive support, enabling teams to achieve their objectives. The flexible programme supports the participants by 

  • challenging them to work on their goals and their ways of working 
  • helping them stay focused with the weekly meetings
  • making the teams’ work visible in the Hub community

The workshops offer opportunities for teams to engage with expert mentors and participate in other activities run by the European Digital Education Hub.

The teams benefit from a network of mentors spanning across Europe, with 10 experts from the education sector and 8 from the business sector. This mentoring support runs parallel to the online coaching sessions and involves one-on-one calls and workshop sessions where mentors share their expertise on specific topics. 

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Test and showcase

A valuable component of the Accelerator programme involves testing selected prototypes and solutions in diverse environments across Europe. Participants have the flexibility to guide the testing locations and purposes. 

At the end of the programme, the teams showcase their solutions at various industry events such as international conferences and workshops. The teams will interact with audiences, gain visibility for their solutions, receive valuable feedback, and establish new connections for future collaboration.

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Support in finding funding opportunities

The Accelerator programme does not offer direct funding for the selected prototypes. However, it offers support in finding relevant funding opportunities and developing financial plans.

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