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Support for people affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine

The European Commission is determined to support the Ukrainian people and to provide all available assistance in the field of education and training and beyond in these extremely challenging times.


Education resources

Temporary protection and access to education

If you were permanently residing in Ukraine, and you left the country to escape war from 24 February 2022 on, you may be entitled to temporary protection in any EU country.

Temporary protection will last for at least one year. This may be extended depending on the situation in Ukraine.

Rights under the Temporary Protection Directive include a residence permit, access to the labour market and housing, medical assistance, and access to education for children.

Find out about requesting temporary protection  

European Research Area Portal for Ukraine

The portal helps affected researchers find housing and job opportunities, facilitate the recognition of their diplomas, and offer other services.

EU solidarity with Ukraine

The EU and its international partners are united in condemning Putin's aggression on Ukraine. We will provide support to those seeking shelter and help those looking for a safe way home. The EU will continue to offer strong political, financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.