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Veröffentlicht :  15 Sep 2023

Share your views on Erasmus+ and help us evaluate it

We welcome your answers to the open public consultation on Erasmus+, which will help us evaluate how the current programme is going. The consultation also covers Erasmus+ from 2014-2020.

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About the survey

Anyone is welcome to reply to this consultation!

No matter if are a learner or an educator, a youth worker, a member of staff from a sending organisation, working for an NGO or in civil society, or have another background. Your views matter, regardless of your country, age, or background. It doesn’t matter if you or your organisation have already taken part in Erasmus+ or not.

The consultation covers questions such as

  • if you think the programme’s objectives are relevant to today’s current needs
  • how well Erasmus+ is doing to reduce its carbon footprint, reach out to people with fewer opportunities, or fulfilling its objective
  • how inclusive and simple the programme is

In line with EU better regulation principles, the consultation will run for 12 weeks, until 8 December 2023. The consultation is available in all 24 EU languages.

The public consultation will help the Commission gather information and views on the delivery and results of the novelties introduced in this generation of the programme, such as European Universities, Centres of Vocational Excellence and Erasmus+ Teacher Academies.

It will also provide useful insights on the delivery of inclusion measures, simplification progress, and seek input from citizens and stakeholders regarding programme’s resilience, societal contributions, and their suggestions on the future of Erasmus+.

Don’t forget: Erasmus+ is more than student exchange!

The Erasmus+ programme is structured around three key actions supporting

  • learning mobility
  • cooperation among organisations and institutions
  • support to policy development and cooperation

Another strand supports the Jean Monnet actions aiming to support teaching, learning, research and debates on European integration matters.

Get an overview and see how to take part in Erasmus+

Veröffentlicht :  15 Sep 2023