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Veröffentlicht :  15 Jun 2023

Arrangement for stronger cooperation on education signed in Kyiv

Vice-President of the European Commission for Promoting our European Way of Life, Mr Margaritis Schinas, and the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Mr Oksen Lisovyi met to reaffirmed the Commission’s support and willingness to enhance cooperation, including in the field of education.

The meeting took place in the context of Ukraine’s EU candidate status and against the backdrop of Russia’s illegal and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine.

Key messages

During the meeting, the Commission restated its support for Ukraine in the field of education, committing to:

  • support displaced Ukrainian children through online platforms, including eTwinning
  • promote and extend Ukraine’s participation in Erasmus+ international actions
  • deliver additional schoolbooks for Ukrainian learners
  • work together to facilitate the recognition of academic qualifications
  • enhance the participation of the Ukrainian education ministry in working groups and peer learning activities under the European Education Area Strategic Framework
  • include the Ukrainian education ministry in the Eurydice Network
  • encourage schooling in EU countries for Ukrainian pupils displaces by the war


Since the outbreak of the war, the Commission has provided significant support to Ukraine, including insuring that hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children forced to flee Ukraine have immediate access to high-quality education.

For 2023 alone, the Commission has allocated €100 million of Erasmus+ funds to help displaced Ukrainian pupils, students and teachers. Also, Erasmus+ has supported the printing of half a million schoolbooks for Ukrainian pupils.

Veröffentlicht :  15 Jun 2023