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Published:  2 May 2024

SELFIE for TEACHERS and eTwinning go hand in hand

Trainers and teachers on eTwinning courses have been using SELFIE for TEACHERS to measure their learning needs and skills developments, with strong results already seen in Greece.


In 2023, a large-scale use of the SELFIE for TEACHERS tool took place amongst eTwinning teachers in Greece.

eTwinning is a community of schools around Europe and beyond. Members work on shared projects and offer training and guidance for teachers to use information and communication technologies in a meaningful way in their classrooms.

The eTwinning office in Greece ran an action to train eTwinners in the pedagogical use of digital technologies and tools. Subjects included educational robotics, mobile devices, AI and 3D printing.

The courses were based in part on a list of competencies presented in the SELFIE for TEACHERS tool.

Tracing personal development advances

15 online courses were hosted, with over 6,100 participants and 164 trainers. These participants used SELFIE for TEACHERS to identify their strengths and gaps in their digital competence in order to prepare for the training, as well as assess their progress afterwards.

Findings from this nationwide implementation showed that SELFIE for TEACHERS proves again to be a highly relevant and useful support tool to build teachers’ digital competences.

When using the self-assessment tool, participants on these courses perceived their digital skills to have advanced at least 15% by the conclusion.

SELFIE for TEACHERS data also supported the eTwinning officers to identify and select the most suitable teacher trainers for the courses, making the set up more targeted and efficient.


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Published:  2 May 2024