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Published:  28 Sep 2021

Learning a language while studying in Europe

Three students learning languages

Did you know that Europe has around 225 indigenous languages?

Studying in Europe is the perfect opportunity to learn a new language or to improve your existing language skills. 

Here are our top tips on how to do so during your European study experience...

Enrol in a language course 

Many European universities offer language courses to students, which may be at a cost or free of charge.

It might also be possible for you to study a module in a foreign language or a language course as part of your programme. 

Ask your host university’s international office or faculty of foreign languages about the possibilities at your university as part of your course, as an extracurricular activity and beyond your university in the local area. 

Learn a language online

In case you’re not able to attend a physical language lesson, try learning a language online or through one of many available apps.

You may also find many useful resources, such as instructional videos, TV and radio programmes and even films, available for free online – some specialised for beginner language learners.

Find a language buddy 

Your host university and local groups may also be able to help you find a language buddy from your area or to take part in a language exchange with another international student.

This can also be a great way of better getting to know your host location and what it has to offer.

Attend an event

As part of the 2021 European Day of Languages, there is also a wide range of physical and online events taking place.

Discover events in your host country!

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Published:  28 Sep 2021