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Published:  22 Jun 2022

Information and knowledge-building to support digital education stakeholders in Europe

Find out how the European Digital Education Hub promotes peer learning and the sharing of good practices and what you can expect to find there. 


Digital education in Europe is as diverse and multifaceted as Europe itself. The European Digital Education Hub supports the collection and curation of relevant data and information in digital education and brokers these through its community. 

The community of the European Digital Education Hub works across all education and training sectors: from early childhood education and care to school education, higher education, vocational education and training, and adult learning.

As a member of the Hub, you can contribute to this knowledge-building and share your expertise with the community. There are two main aspects of this strand of work: building knowledge and sharing resources. 

Building knowledge in the community

In a fast-moving field, such as digital education, it is essential to keep learning. The members of the community of the Digital Education Hub can engage in different online activities

  • workshops – interactive sessions moderated by education and training experts in which your input is as important as that from the experts
  • webinars – thematically focused online meetings that examine specific digital education topics in depth
  • mentoring – a programme to support you as an individual practitioner or your organisation over a period of some months with the implementation of digital education practices 
  • online ‘clinic’ weeks – the opportunity to book a meeting slot with a digital education expert to provide quick solutions to your individual digital education challenge 
  • self-paced learning – online offers to guide you through a knowledge-building journey on a specific digital education topic with resources selected by experts        

High-quality resources at your fingertips

As a member of the community, you can expect a rich collection of relevant resources at your fingertips. With a high frequency of new publications, the European Digital Education Hub offers 

  • papers on cutting-edge research issues in digital education
  • mappings of national projects and practices in digital education
  • curated information on good practices in digital education
  • reports of thematic working groups on the Hub 
  • products of collaborations among community members 

With offers for the digital education community and the wider European public, the Digital Education Hub is at the forefront of information sharing and knowledge-building to support digital education and digital skills in Europe. 

Join the Hub today to become part of the cross-sectoral community.

Published:  22 Jun 2022