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Published:  15 Nov 2023

Europe on the Move - a proposal on the future of learning mobility

On 15 November, the Commission adopted the proposal for a Council Recommendation ‘Europe on the Move’ – learning mobility opportunities for everyone as part of the Talent Mobility package.

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This proposal is a key building block of the European Education Area (EEA) aiming to make learning mobility an integral part of all education and training pathways, to boost the share of people in the EU benefiting from a learning period abroad, and to increase the share of people with fewer opportunities, including disabled persons, in learning mobility. It also promotes the attractiveness of the EU as a learning destination to talents from third countries.

Ambitious new EU-level targets to boost learning mobility

The proposal includes three new EU-level targets by 2030:

  • at least 25% of graduates in higher education should have a learning mobility experience, up from the present target of 20%
  • at least 15% of vocational learners in vocational education and training (VET), should benefit from a learning mobility abroad, up from the previous target of 8% for 2025
  • at least 20% of all learners benefiting from learning mobility abroad - in all education and training, and youth and sport systems – should be people with fewer opportunities

Learning mobility as part of all education and training pathways

The proposal addresses a broad range of sectors

  • higher education
  • vocational education and training, including apprentice mobility
  • school education, including teacher mobility
  • adult education
  • youth exchanges

Overcoming obstacles

It proposes measures to overcome obstacles to mobility, such as outreach and awareness, enhanced language learning, recognition of learning outcomes, transition to labour market and work mobility.

It also addresses new learning patterns, including the proliferation of digital tools and more environmentally sustainable mobility and builds on the experiences gained from existing exchange programmes, most notably Erasmus+.

Download: proposal for a Council Recommendation ‘Europe on the Move’

Building on evidence and consultations

The Commission proposal builds on the evidence gathered from over 1 000 inputs in response to the call for evidence and the public consultation and dedicated stakeholder consultations, and various studies, including the 2023 study “Supporting learning mobility: progress, obstacles and way forward”.

In addition to a wide range of consultations, the Commission convened a European Citizens’ Panel on learning mobility in the beginning of 2023 to get informed on citizens’ perspective ahead of its policy proposal. The Panel was composed of 142 citizens, randomly selected, representative of EU diversity.

One third were young people aged 16-25. The panel put forward 21 recommendations calling for solutions to increase access and participation to learning experiences abroad, regardless of age. The citizens’ recommendations were taken into account in the drafting of the Commission’s legislative proposal.

Published:  15 Nov 2023