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Published:  12 May 2023

Citizens' Panel: 21 recommendations to expand learning mobility for all

150 citizens from all 27 EU countries presented their recommendations to enhance accessibility and awareness of learning mobility in Europe.

In March and April 2023, the European Commission held a citizens' panel in Brussels to discuss expanding learning opportunities abroad for everyone. The panel generated 21 concrete recommendations aimed at enhancing the mobility of learners, educators, and staff across countries.

These recommendations, driven by the goal of creating a more accessible learning environment, highlight the importance of raising awareness about opportunities and encouraging the participation of individuals facing fewer opportunities. They also explore the opportunities and challenges presented by digitalization and propose sustainable solutions to minimise the environmental impact of mobility.

The recommendations will contribute to the Commission's proposal for a Council recommendation, scheduled for later in 2023. They will also serve as a guiding framework for addressing incentives and barriers to learning mobility.

Published:  12 May 2023