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Published:  20 Feb 2023

3 Master programmes to study medicine in Europe

Are you an international student looking for study opportunities on medical and health science in Europe? You are in the right place.

A group of medical students walking together through a corridor

European universities offer medical and health science education in English, with a broad range of fields to choose from. You will also have many job opportunities across Europe after graduation.

Many universities participate in the Erasmus Mundus Masters programme and offer experiences across European countries and beyond.

We have highlighted 3 of these programmes for you.

European Master in Public Health

If you wish to engage in a public health career and would like to contribute to building sustainable health systems, check out the European Master in Public Health (Europubhealth+) organised by universities in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

International Master in Innovative Medicine

Would you like to become a leader in translational biomedical research? Would you like to develop your skills at universities with a particular strength in biomedical sciences?

Check out the International Master in Innovative Medicine and get a chance to study at universities in Germany and Sweden as well as in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Be in Precision Medicine Master programme

Are you interested in treatment strategies that take into account patient specificity and variability in terms of genes, environment, and lifestyles?

Check out the Be In Precision Medicine Master programme and become an expert on the implementation and management of precision medicine.

Published:  20 Feb 2023