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Közzétéve:  7 Oct 2022

Studying in the smallest countries in Europe

Discover high-quality study opportunities in some of Europe’s smallest countries.

The 33 study in Europe countries offer hugely diverse study opportunities. Beyond well-known countries and metropolises, like Paris, Berlin and Rome, there are a number of smaller countries and cities providing excellent higher education experiences in Europe.


An island destination, Malta is located in the Mediterranean just south of Italy. Covering an area of 315 square kilometres, Malta is the smallest country in the European Union (EU).

Despite its small population of 516,000 people, Malta has 5 universities offering a wide range of studies in a vibrant English-speaking environment. It is home to a large international community of more than 800 international students in higher education.

Learn about studying in Malta


Nestled between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a microstate in Europe and one of the only two double-landlocked countries in the world (the other, Uzbekistan).

With just 39,000 people living in Liechtenstein, the microstate has one of the highest Gross Domestic Products (GDP) per capita. It is home to the University of Liechtenstein, which offers a number of high-quality programmes to international students.

Find out about studying in Liechtenstein


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a country at the very heart of Europe, bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. With a land area of 2,568 square kilometres, it is the second smallest country in the EU, home to 634,000 people.

The University of Luxembourg offers highly ranked and innovative programmes to its 7,000 students with 135 nationalities.

Explore studying in Luxembourg.

Discover other small European study destinations

There are many more interesting countries in Europe to choose from when planning your studies abroad.

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Közzétéve:  7 Oct 2022