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Date de publication:  4 Jan 2022

Internationalisation at home activities

Gain international experience and develop intercultural skills by participating in internationalisation at home activities. 

Virtual exchanges 

Some university courses offer the opportunity to get involved in a virtual exchange with European universities.

Check out these example virtual mobility projects


Latin American and European collaboration on education for sustainable development.

Discover VAMOS


Virtual exchanges between five universities in South Africa, one in the United Kingdom and four universities in European Union countries (in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands).

Find out about IKUDU

EuroTeQ Engineering University

An alliance of six science and technology universities across Europe.

Explore EuroTeQ

Massive Online Open Courses 

To gain international experience, why not register for a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) organised by European higher education institutions?

Find out more about MOOCs organised by European universities.

Date de publication:  4 Jan 2022