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Date de publication:  24 Mar 2022

10 unique study programmes in Europe

Not sure what to study in Europe? The diversity of programmes can be mindboggling, but we have selected ten unique study programmes for you to explore.

Discover a wealth of courses

European diversity is reflected, among other ways, through its huge range of higher education study programmes.

No matter if you want to study space technology or horizontal gardening, European universities can accommodate your dreams.

What’s more, many universities have teamed up in the form of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programmes to offer study experiences across several European countries.

Interdisciplinary Space Master programme

Are you interested in exploring space, the final frontier? If so, then the University of Luxembourg has something just for you – its Interdisciplinary Space Master programme.

Advanced materials: Innovative recycling

Do you want to become a leader in the recycling of advanced materials and understand the circular economy? Six top European universities in France, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Hungary have teamed up to offer a Master's in Advanced Materials: Innovative Recycling.

Outdoor and sustainability education

Are you interested in education and helping children reach their full potential, but with a twist? Linköping University in Sweden has something for you – its Outdoor and Sustainability Education Master's.

International master on wine tourism innovation

Want to focus on the field of tourism, but don’t know where? Three universities in Spain, France and Portugal have created joint programme for connoisseurs of wines and tourism – International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation.

European agrarian diplomacy

Interested in agriculture and agricultural politics in Europe? Check out the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU)’s European Agrarian Diplomacy Master programme.

Computational Colour and Spectral Imagining

Perhaps you prefer to focus on the use of colours in cutting-edge industries, such as colour image modelling, photonics, spectral imagining and visual computing? Universities in Norway, France, Spain and Finland have created a truly unique programme on Computational Colour and Spectral Imaging.

Human-Computer Interaction programme

With technology being such an immense part of our everyday life, perhaps you would like to learn more about how to shape the way people interact with digital applications, products and services? If so, the Human-Computer Interaction programme in Austria might be just for you.

Earthquake Engineering

Earthquakes are terrifying and come with huge costs in seismically active areas, so perhaps your calling is to learn how to design buildings and facilities that could withstand seismic activities? Look to Bulgaria and the European Polytechnical University's Earthquake Engineering Master programme.

Kino Eyes – European Movie Masters

Spent your days in the cinema and dreamed of becoming a filmmaker? Check out Kino Eyes - The European Movie Masters, taught as a joint programme in Estonia, Ireland, Portugal and Scotland.

Contemporary Circus Practices

When it comes to the unique, then it probably doesn’t get more so than Contemporary Circus Practices - a Master’s programme at the Stockholm University of the Arts in Sweden for circus artists wanting to broaden their techniques.

Discover more unique Master's programmes

There are many other interesting programmes all across Europe, offering you truly unique studying experience. Check out the Erasmus Mundus Catalogue for more programmes!

Date de publication:  24 Mar 2022