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HEInnovate webinar on the Education and Innovation Practice Community (EIPC)

Guest experts will discuss about the role of higher education in fostering the next generation of green and digital innovators.

30 May 2024

About the webinar

Experts from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will present the work of the Education and Innovation Practice Community (EIPC). The work examines higher education's role in supporting the development of innovation competencies in school education, higher education, and adult upskilling and reskilling.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, 30 May at 17.00 CET.


  • Gillian Golden is a policy analyst and project manager in the OECD's Higher Education Policy Team. She has worked on comparative and country-specific higher education projects in several domains, including resourcing, labour market relevance and outcomes, digitalisation and micro-credentials. She also leads data and evidence development initiatives within the team.
  • Nikolaj Broberg is an analyst at the OECD's Directorate for Education and Skills. His work has mostly focused on mapping the existing evidence base investigating the relationship between specific competencies and digital and green innovation. He also examines the role higher education can play in shaping these competencies and how public policy can guide these efforts.

The webinar will be moderated by Rebecca Allinson, Managing Partner at Technopolis Group.

How to register

You need to register to join the webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with further information about how to join.

Registrations are currently open and will run up until and including 30 May.

About HEInnovate

HEInnovate is a self-reflection tool for higher education institutions (HEI) who wish to explore their innovative potential.

The tool identifies areas of strength and weakness, opens discussion on the entrepreneurial or innovative nature of the institutions and allows them to compare and contrast evolution over time. It guides them through a process of identification, prioritisation and action planning based on 8 key dimensions.

HEInnovate is open to all higher education institutions, it is free and can be used for individual or group self-assessments. 

More about HEInnovate

About the Education and Innovation Practice Community

The Education and Innovation Practice Community (EIPC) is an initiative of the European Commission's New European Innovation Agenda (flagship 4), in cooperation with the OECD.

The community brings together policymakers, higher education practitioners, private, non-profit, and school-level organisations. It currently has around 950 representatives from around 80 countries, including all EU countries.

The EIPC works to:

  • Develop mindset and competencies for innovation in secondary schools
  • Build capacity for innovative curricula and programme in higher education
  • Create innovative, flexible and dynamic upskilling and reskilling opportunities in higher education

Register to join the EIPC network