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Δημοσιεύτηκε:  11 Jan 2023

SELFIE for TEACHERS reaches over 100,000 users

Over 100,000 teachers from across Europe have benefitted from SELFIE for TEACHERS to self-review and get feedback on using digital tools and technology. Most users so far are primary school teachers from Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

Meeting this growing need

To support the growing number of users, we recently released the SELFIE for TEACHERS toolkit. This explains how the tool was created, how it works and how self-reflection supports digital skills development. The toolkit can guide individual teachers, teacher trainers, policy makers and researchers to use the tool more effectively, follow the different steps  and understand the results from the self-reflection exercise. The SELFIE for TEACHERS toolkit is currently available in English.

Plans for 2023

This year we are working on

  • an overhaul of the look-and-feel of the tool to make it easier for teachers to use
  • simplifying the process for group coordinators to set up and run a self-reflection for a group, for example with all teachers within a school or a group of teachers on a training course
  • releasing a version of the tool for the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, following a suitability review of all self-reflection statements and feedback tips for staff working in kindergartens, pre-schools and other early childhood settings  

We also continue to develop the SELFIE for TEACHERS network. This brings together experts from across Europe using the tool in different contexts, from teacher education, to policy making and with networks of schools. A publication released towards the end of this year will summarise these different ways of using the tool.

Finally, in partnership with the European Training Foundation we will be working with Western Balkans countries to adapt and use SELFIE for TEACHERS with teachers, schools and training institutions in this region.


SELFIE for TEACHERS is a free online tool to support teacher to build their digital skills. It takes around 30 minutes for teachers to answer a series of statements about how they currently use technologies across six areas of their practice. Teachers then get a personalised feedback report with tips on how to further embed technology in their practice. The tool is one of the actions of the European Commission’s Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027. Its sister tool SELFIE for schools supports whole school planning for digital technology use. Both tools together can help teachers to use digital technologies more effectively and to identify professional learning needs.

Δημοσιεύτηκε:  11 Jan 2023