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Veröffentlicht :  6 Dec 2022

9 creative arts programmes in Europe

Do you want to study subjects related to creative arts in Europe? We have selected nine programmes for you to explore.

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Europe offers some of the most unique programmes in the field of creative arts. If you are a creative mind, you can be certain that Europe has something for you.

Many universities have also teamed up in Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programmes to offer study experiences across several European countries.

Media Arts

If you are interested in media arts and media culture and want to experience studying in several different countries, check out the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Media Arts Cultures, organised jointly by universities in Austria, Denmark, Poland and Singapore.


If you seek to fully understand dance and its role in culture,  check out Choreomundus – International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage offered jointly by universities in France, Hungary, Norway and UK.

Choral Studies

For choral music, conducting and composition an option could be the MA in Choral Studies offered by Dublin City University in Ireland.

Museum Studies

To learn all about managing museums, check out the MA in Museum Studies offered by Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Literature, Visual Culture and Film

If film and visual arts are your passion then look at the MA in Literature, Visual Culture and Film offered by Tallinn University in Estonia.

Docnomads – Documentary film directing

If you seek to enter a professional life in the craft of documentary filmmaking – as director, producer or independent artist, check out the Erasmus Mundus Docnomads programme, offered jointly by universities in Belgium, Hungary, and Portugal.

Costume Design – Film and Television

If you want to master designing costumes and learning new technologies in visual arts, then have a look at the Costume Design – Film and Television, Master of Arts programme offered by Aalto University in Finland.

Contemporary Art Markets

To become an expert in art markets and their complex dynamics, check out the MA in Contemporary Art Markets at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Italy.

Performing Arts

To develop yourself in creative interdisciplinary practice and try new perspectives, check out the Performing Arts with Specialisation in Contemporary Performative Arts programme at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Veröffentlicht :  6 Dec 2022