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Offentliggjort:  19 Oct 2022

Quality investment in education and training: Expert report

Today, European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel presented the final report of the Commission expert group on quality investment in education and training.

The report addresses questions, such as

  • Which education and training measures are most effective in European Union (EU) countries?
  • How can the efficiency and effectiveness of spending be improved?
  • How to best evaluate policy decisions? 

Teachers and trainers, education infrastructure, digital learning and equity and inclusion are the four main areas analysed, as they represent the bulk of education and training expenditure and may have a major impact on education outcomes. 

The report also covers long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the integration of newly arrived student migrants. 

The experts identified many promising education and training practices in Member States and areas in which our knowledge concerning quality investment in education could be strengthened. 

Their recommendations will help to create a new evaluation culture in the field of education policy. This is of strategic importance for the building the European Education Area, Europe’s green and digital transformation and the development of resilient economies and societies in which no-one is left behind. 

Offentliggjort:  19 Oct 2022