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Published:  23 Jan 2024

FILMEU - the European universities alliance for film and media arts

Planning to become the next film auteur? Have a look at these unique master's programmes.

Female director and assistant discussing behind the camera on movie set

How can potential students find out about European film study opportunities?

FilmEU, the European Universities Alliance for Film and Media Arts, is good place to start. This European Commission initiative promotes high-level education, innovation and research in the film and media arts and unites over 5 000 students.

FILMEU brings together eight European higher education institutions. Together, these institutions work together to promote high-level education, innovation and research activities in the multidisciplinary field of Film and Media Arts. Through this collaboration, they aim to consolidate the central role of Europe as a world leader in the creative industries.

Master programmes through Erasmus Mundus

The Erasmus Mundus joint educational offer presents a diverse array of innovative master's programs in the fields of filmmaking, animation, and game design. These programmes aim to foster international collaboration and enrich the educational experience.

  • Kino Eyes, a two-year intensive MA programme, focuses on fiction filmmaking and creativity studies, supported by Erasmus+.
  • DocNomads offers a unique two-year joint master’s degree in documentary filmmaking, guiding students through cultural immersions in Portugal, Hungary, and Belgium.
  • Re:Anima explores all facets of animation, from narrative to experimental, with a distinctive mobility scheme across Belgium, Finland, and Portugal.
  • FilmMemory, a joint master's program in four European countries, delves into audiovisual heritage, preservation, and contemporary challenges in the realm of film culture.
  • RePlay is a two-year European Master Program shaping the future of game design, empowering students to innovate and contribute meaningfully to the industry's evolution.
Published:  23 Jan 2024