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European Education Area

Quality education and training for all

Focus topics

The European Union has agreed a set of EEA focus topics.

These will guide its work with Member States and stakeholders to achieve the European Education Area.


Focus topics of the EEA

Teachers, trainers and school leaders

The EU is working to revalorise the teaching professions and to provide all teachers, trainers and school leaders with high-quality initial education and professional development opportunities.

Digital education

The EU is promoting the development of a high-performing European digital education ecosystem and is seeking to enhance citizens’ competences and skills for the digital transition.

Green education

Encouraging the education and training sector to take action to contribute to the green transition and to strengthen the sustainability competences of all learners is one of the EU's top priorities.

The European Education Area in the world

Strengthening international cooperation with countries and regions around the world and continuing to promote Europe as a partner for education.