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Publicado:  31 Jan 2024

Meet the team behind Scoolsy, a platform for personalised learning management

Interview with Skaisté Lazdauskaite-Ivanauske, CEO and co-founder of Scoolsy. This article series introduces the teams and their solutions from the Accelerator programme of the European Digital Education Hub.

Scoolsy co-founders Skaisté Lazdauskaite-Ivanauske (left) and Julija Glinske
Scoolsy co-founders Skaisté Lazdauskaite-Ivanauske (left) and Julija Glinske

Scoolsy is a platform for personalised learning management that has been created by teachers for teachers. Scoolsy’s aim is to move from a learning method that is teacher-centred to a student-centred one. It offers personalised learning journeys to lift learners’ motivation so they can learn for themselves with engaging content. The platform offers an easy tool to plan individual learning plans. It enables teachers to track individual progress effectively.

Meet Skaisté Lazdauskaite-Ivanauske

Skaisté has ten years of experience in the education field, ranging from international educational organisations to being an entrepreneurship teacher and working directly with students herself. She is an experienced manager and consultant for change projects at K-12 schools. She is also a Female Edtech Fellow and a former head of Teach For Lithuania, a part of global Teach For All network.

Who is your team?

  • Skaisté Lazdauskaite-Ivanauske – CEO, co-founder
  • Julija Glinske – acting CEO, co-founder
  • Ieva Lebedytė – Product Manager
  • Akvilė Petrauskienė – Business Development Manager

The core team is supported by teachers who create the learning materials, and a small team of developers. In total, almost 30 people are working to build Scoolsy.

Scoolsy makes quality teaching content accessible to all learners despite their location or circumstances

What are the biggest challenges in digital education?

There are so many different solutions out there that the choice is overwhelming for teachers: which one would serve my needs best? Also, the national curriculum can prevent teachers from trying out new solutions since they need to prepare learners for national testing and might thus not have the time to find new solutions that would make their work more manageable. Administrative work also takes too much time from the actual work and finding more effective solutions to help learn better.

How does your solution aim to fix the challenges?

Scoolsy makes quality teaching content accessible to all learners despite their location or circumstances. The platform also automates a part of the assessment work for teachers. It provides teachers with more resources for one-to-one support for learners. This includes personalised learning paths and quality contents integrated into each curriculum.

The learners can also take ownership of their own learning since they can follow their progress in individual learning paths made together with their teacher.

How can the accelerator programme support you?

The challenges in education are universal and thus we want to develop our solution to be scalable in other countries as well. We are looking for teachers who create contents according to the curricula in each country. We also we wish to find testing opportunities and a strategy on how to enter different countries. Our hope is to widen our network, find mentors, and improve our solution.

What are the next steps for your team?

We want to continue building and improving the product, while expanding the numbers of students and teachers using Scoolsy daily in Lithuania. We are keen on measuring and learning the long-term impact of our product at scale, a goal we plan to achieve within a year.

Keen to join?

If you are interested in joining the Accelerator Programme, make sure to apply to the next edition in spring 2024. 

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Publicado:  31 Jan 2024