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“Ask Me Anything” session about digital education in prisons

Daiana Huber from the Center For Promoting Lifelong Learning will share her knowledge and experience on the topic with members of the European Digital Education Hub.

About the guest expert and the topic 

Daiana Huber works with prison education in the Romanian NGO Center For Promoting Lifelong Learning. She is also a board member of the European Basic Skills Network and active within the European Association for the Education of Adults.

13 October is the International Day of Education in Prisons. Inmates and prison staff often lack access to education and face many logistical challenges that are specific to the penitentiary system. Digital education, such as online courses and remote learning, can provide a solution for these issues.

Practical information

The session will take place on 13 October 14.00-15.00 CET.

The session will be in writing only. Once the session has started, participants will post their questions in the General channel of the Hub.

Keen to join?

This event is only available to Hub members. If you have not signed up yet, it is easy and completely for free. Hub membership will be granted within 5 working days.