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Webinar: Overcoming interoperability challenges in European higher education

Learn how European university alliances build their virtual inter-university campuses. Get the latest developments on the European Higher Education Interoperability Framework.

About the webinar

The working group on higher education interoperability has collected and analysed reports from the European University alliances  and will summarise the results of the work to date. Representatives of the alliances and other experts will discuss challenges they faced and solutions they found to overcome interoperability challenges.

This webinar aims to present and contribute to the state of play in the development of the Higher Education Interoperability Framework, which will be published in February 2025.

This webinar is organised by the European Digital Education Hub.

Speakers’ topics

During this webinar, speakers will address:

  • The synthesis of the material collected and analysed from the European University alliances
  • The most pressing challenges in Higher Education interoperability
  • Approaches to tackle these challenges

Questions guiding the discussion

  • What are the challenges you face to make your systems interoperable?
  • What is your priority when making your systems interoperable?
  • How do you involve all stakeholders in interoperability?

Who can join

  • European University alliances
  • educational staff
  • EdTech
  • ICT professionals
  • policymakers
  • researchers
  • educations practitioners
  • members of the European Digital Education Hub community

Practical information

The webinar will take place on 20 June at 10.00 - 11.30 CET.

Registrations are currently open and will run up until 20 June 9.00 CET.

How to join

You need to be a registered member of the European Digital Education Hub to access the webinar. If you have not signed up yet, it is easy and completely for free!

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