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Supporting teachers in building their digital competence


SELFIE for TEACHERS is an online tool to help teachers to review and get feedback on how they are currently using digital tools and technologies in their work.

How to start

Any primary or secondary teacher, in or outside the European Union, can sign up.

You will first have to create an account with EU Login, if you do not have one. This is so you can save your answers and result in the tool.

Need an EU Login account? Create an account here.

All answers are anonymous and your personalised report is only shared if you choose to do so.

What to do

Answer a series of reflective questions to assess your confidence and experience in using digital technologies, tools and resources for teaching, communicating, collaborating with colleagues and supporting learner digital skills.

You can choose the order in which you complete their areas. Each area includes between 3 and 9 competences, with a total of 32.

You will receive an automated report showing your current capabilities in each area, along with suggestions on how to improve.

After completing your self-reflection you will have the certification available. You can also apply for a digital badge.

What areas can your self-reflection cover?