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Objavljeno:  13 Apr 2022

First Digital Education Stakeholder Forum: One year implementing the Digital Education Action Plan

On 22 March 2022, the European Commission held the first Digital Education Stakeholder Forum. The Forum celebrated the progress made one year into the implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan, while also reflecting on priorities moving forward.

Main takeaways

The hosting of the Stakeholder Forum underlines the strong position of digital education and skills on the European Union (EU) and its Member States’ political agenda. This has been further highlighted, for example by the launching of the Structured Dialogue on digital education and skills with Member States by the European Commission at the end of 2021.

A reoccurring theme throughout the Forum was the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation and knowledge sharing to help bridge policy, research and practice. At the EU level, work has already started on the creation of the Digital Education Hub Community of Practice to promote cross-sectoral cooperation.

Participants, especially young people, stressed that it is essential for digital transformation to be human-driven.

Another key theme of the event was how to best support teachers during the digital transition. Good practice examples of digital transformation plans were highlighted and participants reflected by means of interactive sessions on what is needed to achieve the EU’s goals concerning digital skills.

The Forum also addressed the ethical implications and challenges of using artificial intelligence and data in education, as well as the issue of disinformation and the need to improve digital literacy.

The opportunities under the Recovery and Resilience Facility were underlined. 10% of the Facility’s budget is currently used by Member States to boost education, of which €13.8 billion is allocated to reforms and investments specifically in digital education.

Making EdTech a key driver in the European digital education ecosystem

During the event, the European Education Technology (EdTech) sector presented a vision document - ‘Time for Action: Making EdTech a key driver in the European digital education ecosystem’.

The document highlights the importance of the EdTech sector and the challenges it still needs to overcome to gain a more solid position in the European digital education ecosystem. It also outlines ways for the sector to work together with authorities at the national and EU levels.

About the Forum

The first Digital Education Stakeholder Forum gathered representatives, including

  • academics
  • educators
  • learners
  • young people
  • civil society and business representatives

from across Europe’s digital education community to discuss the opportunities and challenges of making high-quality, effective, inclusive digital education a reality within the EU.

High-level political interventions were provided by policy-makers at the EU and national levels, including the Presidency trio of the Council of European Union and Members of the European Parliament. European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, opened the event and Executive-Vice President of the Commission for a Europe fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager, contributed with a keynote speech.

In total, around 800 people watched the event online and 4,500 followed on social media. 

Watch the event recordings


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Objavljeno:  13 Apr 2022