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Digital Education Action Plan – Action 8

Update the European Digital Competence Framework to include AI and data-related skills

Citizens need to acquire a basic understanding of new and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), in order to be able to engage confidently, critically and safely with them.

Greater awareness will also lead to improved sensibility towards potential issues in connection with emerging technologies related to ethics, environmental sustainability, data protection and e-privacy, children’s rights and discrimination and bias – including gender bias and disabilities, ethnic and racial discrimination.

Every European, including students, jobseekers and workers, will need to be digitally skilled to adapt to new and emerging technologies and to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Teaching professionals in all sectors of education need to be equipped with the competences and to develop the confidence to effectively apply a wide range of technologies, including AI, in their work.


The European Commission will update the Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) to include AI and data-related statements of skills, knowledge and attitudes, and will support the development of AI learning resources for education and training. 

The goal is to empower all citizens to become confident, critical and responsible users of digital technologies driven by AI systems and autonomous decision-making, as well as to improve their understanding of AI, its potential and limitations. 

Key activities

  • create a community of practice for exchanging materials, discussing in working groups, sharing resources and being informed about the latest developments
  • collect, create, review and select examples
  • organise two international online meetings for where participants would agree upon and validate the different statements of skills, knowledge and attitudes related to AI and data literacy

Expected results

  • the publication of the Digital Competence Framework version 2.2
  •  support the development of AI learning resources for education and training


  • January-March 2021 – creation of a Community of Practice, collection, reviewing and selection of examples 
  • April-October 2021 – creation of dimension 4 DigComp 2.2 and validation of the framework (Dimension 4 comprises statements of knowledge, skills and attitudes of each of the 21 DigComp competences)
  • October-December 2021 – completion of DigComp version 2.2 
  • January-March 2022 – publication of DigComp 2.2 


This action is funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.

More information

For more information, visit the DigComp website and join the Community of Practice to support the development of the Digital Competence Framework. 

You can also check the DigComp factsheet, brochure and the following video for more information.

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